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What is Maternity Reflexology


Can help ease ailments that may occur during pregnancy

Reflexology has been of great benefit to women during their stages of pregnancy; in dealing with the physical effects of pregnancy (ex: digestive problems, morning sickness, anaemia, heartburn, and general pains and aches), as well as helping with the hormonal and emotional nuisances that can ensue. 

Will relax Mom and encourage natural labour

When the baby is totally ready to enter the world, Reflexology is also used to encourage natural labour and possibly circumvent the need for medical interventions. ,

Recovery and Postpartum benefits

Soon after the delivery hormones fluctuations are at play once again. Promoting hormonal balance Reflexology can be of help in supporting the natural healing process of the mother’s body and mind; making recover faster and reassuring.  It can also help in improving milk production and returning Mom’s menstrual cycle to normal.

Can also benefit the newborns

Babies responds well to reflexology which can help them sleep better. Gentle and shorter sessions can help in settling them and getting rid of disturbances in the tummy.

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