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Reflexology - Employee Wellness Day

Reflexology - Employee Wellness Day

A great way to bring health into your workplace!


Healthy employees are vital to your business

Absenteeism due to physical and/or mental health issues

can seriously impact all aspects of your company


The concept and format are a simple yet enjoyable way

to help your staff to be healthier and happier in their workplace


  • You select the date(s)

  • Staff pre-register and commit to a scheduled time.

  • I come and set up at your workplace with my mobile equipment

  • Sessions can be 30 or 60 min.

  • Billing can be done individually or as a group 

  • I issue an official receipt for insurance or taxes purposes


On the given day your team members will enjoy

this bit of long-lasting pampering.


This healthy indulgence can be repeated during the year

as part of a long-term employee wellness initiative.


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