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Reflexology to Detoxify

Spring is here and nature is coming alive after a long, winter slumber.

In the winter months, when we tend to be less active, our lymphatic system can be less active and that is when our bodies tend to store more toxins.

The lymphatic system relies on movement in order to do its job… this can be done by Reflexology; an ancient healing technique that is quickly gaining in popularity and becoming one of the fastest growing complimentary modalities in our Western world.

OK so just how does Reflexology, a therapy working on the feet, detoxify the whole body? It's all about the blood flow.

A Reflexology session will stimulate your lymphatic system, which will help support detoxification of your lymphatic system, lungs, kidneys, liver and colon in particular.

Reflexology naturally encourages the body to flush out toxins by boosting blood circulation and lymphatic movement. Every organ and function in the body has a reflex point on the foot or hand to which a Reflexology Therapist applies pressure to and stimulates to release stored toxins.

It also has the added benefit of relaxing the mind and inducing a state of calm bringing the body back to homeostasis, thus maximising its ability to heal – physically, emotionally and mentally.

It is important that plenty of water or herbal teas are drunk to aid in the detoxification after a reflexology session.

Having a Reflexology session every 4 weeks will help keep the body in balance.

By: Paulette Hébert, RCRT, MARR

Reflexology Therapist ~

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